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Full Building Survey (Level 3)

Proud to represent Yorkshire

What is a Level 3 Building Survey?

Description of the Property

The first section of our Full Building Survey (sometimes referred to as a Level 3 Structural Survey) describes the property type, construction, age and any other useful information you may need or want to know about the property.   

Structural Defects

Our survey includes an assessment of all accessible and visible areas of the property. As part of this, we identify any underlying structural concerns with the property and provide advice on how to repair, who to contact next, or further investigations that may be required. 

Other Costly Repairs

As well as identifying structural defects and damp, we assess the property as a whole to identify any expensive repairs that may affect your decision to purchase the property. These defects may be expensive roof repairs, window and door replacements, large scale re-plastering works etc.  

These may be items that you haven't budgeted for but that may affect your overall opinion of the property. 

Legal Matters

Secondly, we bring to your attention any legal matters with the property. This may include: 

  • Unlawful extensions and conversions 

  • Boundary issues 

  • Tree preservation orders 

  • Easements, wayleaves and restrictive covenants


We assess all accessible and visible areas of the property for signs of damp. This may include elevated moisture readings, visible staining, mould, and damp smells. 

We provide advice on the cause, type, extent and resolution for dampness within the property. 

Action Plan 

Buying a property and refurbishing/repairing buildings is a stressful task. That's why as part of all our Level 3 surveys we provide an action plan that summarises all our recommendations into suitable timescales so that you can easily forward plan. 

As an optional extra we can also provide estimated costs with the action plan which further helps you forward plan your repairs and maintenance budget.

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