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Damp Survey

Get accurate, independent advice from surveyors you can trust.

What is a Damp & Timber Survey?

Step 1 - Assess the Symptoms

The first step we take when assessing damp within a property is to discover what symptoms are showing. This is done by surveying the whole property from the top down. 

Damp can be unpleasant and unsightly, yet oftentimes, it can remain hidden in roof voids and in-between floors. We assess the symptoms in all accessible areas of the property.

Step 3 - The Resolution

Now the symptoms, cause, and extent have been identified, the important part is understanding how to fix it. 

We are completely independent meaning that we have no products to sell you. We have no underlying agenda apart from providing a quality service and telling you the truth.

We are not here to sell you unnecessary treatments.

Step 2 - Assess the Cause and Extent

Secondly, we look at the property as a whole and work out which parts are out of sync. 

A building works on balance and if one part is out of sync with the rest, issues happen. 

Common problematic areas are rainwater goods, underground drainage, mortar pointing, flashings, the list goes on.

Step 4 - The Burden (£)

Now that you know what is causing the damp and how to resolve it, you need to know the big hole that will be left in your savings account. 


You will be pleased to know that very often, the resolution can be pretty simple and in a lot of cases, can be solved for less than four figures.


We provide estimated costs will all our damp surveys so that you can forward plan for the repairs.   

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