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Home Survey Leeds

Get the assurance you need from surveyors you can trust. Personalised home surveys with clear explanations and guidance

Areas Covered

West Yorkshire​​

South Yorkshire 

North Yorkshire


Saddleworth & Lees


  • Home Surveys L2 & L3

  • Structural Surveys

  • Damp & Timber Surveys

  • Drone Roof Surveys

  • Historic, Listed, and Heritage Building Surveys

  • Specific Defect Surveys

Building Survey

Starting from £340.00


Discover Serious or urgent issues with the property along with costly repairs and other health and safety considerations.

Building Survey Leeds

Often the Homebuyers survey is the most cost effective option when purchasing a property. We recommend this survey for properties of traditional construction that haven't been heavily extended or converted.

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Starting from £550.00


In depth assessment of the property including specific repair advice. The Building Survey includes an assessment of damp and recommendations for repair in the most cost effective way.

Building Survey Leeds

The most in depth full building survey option we offer. This option is designed for buildings built before the 1930's, especially those built pre 1900, or properties which are historically listed. We also recommend this option for properties that haven't been well maintained in recent years and ones which have been heavily modified.

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Starting from £350.00

Identify the cause, extent, and cure for damp at a property. We have no products to sell you except the truth.

Building Surveyor Leeds

As well as the Homebuyers Survey and the Building Survey. We can offer a specific, independent damp survey. This can be commissioned by home owners who want to know how to remedy a damp problem, or it can be used in place of the Homebuyers Survey where you know the property has a damp problem and you're just interested in how to resolve that one particular element.

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Starting from £350.00

An inspection just focusing on the main structural elements of the building.

Homebuyers survey Leeds

As well as the Homebuyers Survey and the Building Survey. We can offer a bespoke structural survey focusing on the main structural elements of a property. This is designed for home buyers who have plans to renovate the property but would like to establish if there are any structural issues first. 


Your mortgage lender may have valued the property at £0 and require a structural report. As our surveyor is a Chartered Builder (MCIOB) most lenders accept our reports. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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A very thorough inspection of your heritage building to identify its condition and any underlying defects.

Heritage building survey

Heritage surveys are suitable for any property with historical value. This type of survey is most often associated with properties that are listed for protection but can also relate to any property that has some historical value. ​We make every effort to establish the properties history and previous use to allow our advice to be the most appropriate to help maintain the buildings characteristics. 

Bespoke Survey


Homebuyers survey Leeds

As an independent practice, we are able to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. 

You tell us what information you need, we tailor our services to match your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Damp Survey
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