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Do I Need a Home Buyers Survey? - Wall Tie Corrosion

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

You start by casually searching Rightmove. Before you know it, you’re viewing houses, saving like crazy, planning colour schemes, picking your new sofa & flooring and gathering the troops to help you on moving day however, you decided to bypass the Home Buyers Survey because your budget wouldn’t stretch that far.

Don’t worry, we understand that the survey isn’t the most exciting part for you. Besides the mortgage application, it’s the one part that could make or break buying your dream house, but… it’s the only part of the process where you can discover any serious defects before you make that huge investment. Discovering it afterwards makes things ten times more stressful and quite possibly, more expensive.

we carried out a recent Home Buyers Survey in Leeds, West Yorkshire. On the face of it, the property was in good condition with no obvious, stand out issues. Upon closer inspection, we found some signs of wall tie corrosion.

Wall ties are physical ties in a cavity wall that give structural stability to the outer wall by connecting it to the load bearing inner wall. Worst case scenario leads to the outer wall collapsing and falling away from the inner wall. Best case scenario is minor cracking in the external wall and if spotted early enough, simple repairs can be carried out to restrain any structural damage.

On our survey we noted small consistent cracks to mortar joints every 4-6 brick courses to the rear elevation and other areas of cracking to the front elevation that is indicative of wall tie corrosion.

Cracking in mortar joints - symptom of wall tie corrosion

If these sorts of issues weren’t discovered prior to completion, our client may have been unaware of this for years to come, eventually discovering it when it’s too late and major structural repairs are required. If further deterioration had gone unnoticed for many more years, this could have resulted in the outer wall starting to lean. Not only would this be a costly repair, but also an inconvenient one, and a significant health and safety risk.

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